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Welcome To

Welcome to

L.I.F.E. Church Ministries

Pastor Amin Flowers

LIFE Church Ministries is a non-denominational house of worship built on the foundation of a mission;  


“To reach the unused, the unsaved, and the unchurched.” 


Comprised of people from all walks of life, age groups, and circumstances; we strive to meet the individual right where they are and provide them with the guidance to forge an intimate relationship with the Savior. 


We believe that everyone will spend eternity somewhere; therefore we want to create a worship experience that will lead the unused, the unsaved, and the unchurched to experience a visitation that will compel them to seek God continuously. 

Life is better connected

Our Ministries

food pantry

Food Pantry

Each week, we work hard to meet people where they are in their economic status by sharing food to help supplement a basic need.

Gina serving

Men, Women & Children

LIFE Church Ministries serves 

everyone. It contains ministries within that minister to the needs of those who attend.

Playing Foosball

Life Group

The LIFE Groups are small groups that are set up as a support that offers activities that promote fellowship and bonding.

Join Us

 Prayer 8:30 am  &  Service 9:00 am 
L.I.F.E. Church Ministries

3820 S. Hanover St.

Baltimore, MD 21225


LIFE Church Ministries is a cornerstone in the heart of Brooklyn and it strives to continue to strengthen and empower God’s people with the application of the Word of Christ.



Phone: 443-708-8537

Stay Informed

Thank you for staying informed with LIFE Church Ministries!

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