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A Flowers' Foot Note
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Contributing Author: Dr. Adrienne Flowers

Hello friends & family.

We recognize the trust you place in us when we come together for worship and fellowship. That is why I want to share an update on the actions we are implementing at LIFE Church Ministries to keep you, our staff, and guest safe amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

“Safety Above All” is something we take incredibly seriously here at LIFE Church Ministries. We are listening to recommendations from our Medical Lead Director, Dr. Adrienne Flowers and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as we strive to help protect each of you.

We are giving our team members facts about COVID-19 and reminding them to follow simple, but effective steps to keep them safe such as frequent handwashing. We are disinfecting our church and equipment as appropriate. And as always, we are encouraging each of you to take any signs of illness seriously and seek medical attention as needed.

During this time, we also want to stress the need of being a “touch-free” zone. Therefore, we want to urge each member to download the Givelify App in order to give electronically to reduce contact and handling of any money. With us not knowing what the future may hold, we want to make sure you are connected. Please log onto our website, scroll down and enter your email address in the box that states “Stay Informed.”

We do trust and believe God for protection for His people. We also want to operate in an abundance of care as we continue to govern your natural lives and your spiritual lives as well. Thank you for putting your trust in us as we remain focused on serving you.

Your truly,

Pastor Amin Flowers

Senior Pastor


Reference Page

From the desk of Myesha Jordan

I want to encourage those who live in the area of South Baltimore, who are experiencing flu like symptoms to make an appointment with Family Health Centers of Baltimore at the following locations:

631 Cherry Hill Road

Baltimore, MD 21225

3540 S. Hanover Street

Brooklyn, MD 21225


  1. We do not do testing for Covid-19, however, will complete a thorough screening. If you are suspected of having the corona virus, we will refer you to a local facility (urgent/emergency care) for testing.

Please see the following Staff for assistance:

Regina Brantley

> Families in need of support with food

Pastor Nathaniel Harris

> Website Issues

Deacon Kim Gaither

> Scheduling a meeting to w/Pastor Flowers

Deacon Leslie Vega

> Resources for the families

Pastor Larvetricus (Vee)

> Zoom or Facebook Issues

> Givelify

Dr. Adrienne Flowers or Colbie Oden, R.N.

> COVID-19 Questions/Concerns


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