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A Flowers' Foot Note
  • Writer's picture LIFE Church Ministries

Encouragement Through This Pandemic!

During this time of uncertainty and things seemingly unclear. We have God's "WORD" that we can lean on. I was reading Paul's letter to the brothers and sisters who were suffering in Rome. In Romans chapter eight, the Apostle Paul says nothing can separate you from God's love. What a fantastic line-up of words that Paul aligns together to help foster Hope initially. But while reading this scripture, it dawned on me that maybe Paul wrote this to encourage himself. When you tell someone that nothing can separate you, there must have been a feeling of neglect and separation anxiety by the one speaking. I believe that Paul realized that to make it, it would take his continued connection with Christ. The purpose of my footnote is

to encourage and remind someone that nothing is going to separate you. There must be an acknowledging that you are connected to one who loves you.  Don't allow this global pandemic to keep you from experiencing God's POWER.  You may feel like you are separated, but you are not, God is with us.

I want to encourage you to settle in on the fact that social distancing is not a spiritual disconnect. Take this time to grow with God. 


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